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At the Library

Since 2008

Empowering Young Readers

The Brookline Literacy Partnership is a student-led nonprofit group at Brookline High School working to promote literacy in areas without equal access to books.  We hope to prevent a lack of literacy from acting as a roadblock to self-improvement.

Our Mission

We currently tutor students in Brookline and surrounding towns, donate books to libraries and organizations in need, and supply summer reading books for Brookline elementary students. We aim to strengthen our community through literacy and ensure every child has access to books that represent them.

Get Involved


If you're a student at Brookline High School, you can support our mission by joining as a tutor, or coming to club meetings every Thursday in the BHS library. Or, come support us at one of our events! We are also taking donations.

"When I volunteered to chaperone for the Brookline Literacy Partnership, I was simply trying to 'do my duty'...but when I got to the school and watched what happened at the Mather between our students and those kids, I realized how lucky I was to be connected, even in a small way, with this program. The eyes of the Mather students lit up when our students arrived, and they were excited to pick out the books they would read, sometimes dragging their reading partner by the hand. What may be most amazing is how much this program is truly student-led; the BHS students are organized, mature, focused. They even debrief their experience...sharing strategies to try to deal with challenging students or situations. I wasn't just impressed, I was inspired."

- Mary Burchenal, English Department Chair at BHS

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